Since 1985 GTSdata is known for its knowledge, competence and confidence. The company was founded by the managing director Herbert Fehlauer. With the son, Dipl.-Betriebswirt Patrick Fehlauer, and the daughter-in-law, Dipl.-Kauffrau Kerstin Fehlauer, the next generation has already entered into the company.

The company's aim was and is furthermore the development, individual adaptation and international marketing of ERP software for manufacturing enterprises of all branches.

Together with our customers we want to move markets. In our company you are supervised individually by experienced experts who know and love their handcraft. The base of our operation are openness, confidence and a communication which includes everyone.

Since 1990 special modules are developed for enterprises of the concrete-prefabricated-part-branch and since 1996 the marketing of the Windows version as a 'PRIAMOS system' takes place. PRIAMOS is used in approx. 50 companies with about 80 factories and products of every kind inland and abroad successfully and is developed constantly.

Since the beginning of 2010 the new version PRIAMOS pro is in use. PRIAMOS pro was developed with our customers, with inclusion of the newest technologies and in confiding collaboration. The high modularity and flexibility and the most modern developing tools permit an easy individual adaptation to every company size, every product portfolio and to other special demands of an enterprise. A small choice of our references permits a suitable branch overview.

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