Innovation and continuity in the precast concrete industry

The company GTSdata was founded on March 01, 1985 by Herbert Fehlauer as managing partner. Up to this point, Mr. Fehlauer had been employed for 14 years by the largest manufacturer of prefabricated houses at the time.

At the beginning, the goal of the new company was the development and distribution of software for companies of any industry. From 1994 onwards, the commissioned development of commercial software for a company in the precast concrete industry began for the first time. The specialization of the software in this industry and its successful introduction as the “PRIAMOS ERP system” in many concrete plants set a milestone that continues to shape the orientation of GTSdata to the present day.

Due to the focus on the precast concrete industry and the introduction of new development tools as well as the permanent involvement and feedback from the growing customer base, the PRIAMOS ERP system developed in the following decades to one of the most innovative ERP systems for the precast concrete industry.

With the son Patrick Fehlauer, Graduate in Business Administration (FH), and the daughter-in-law Kerstin Fehlauer, Graduate in Business Administration (FH), two young people could be won for the company succession already some years ago. Both are responsible in the management. The individual vitas of Patrick Fehlauer and Kerstin Fehlauer have brought new impulses to GTSdata and further sharpened its innovative focus. Patrick Fehlauer most recently worked as a sales manager in a company for office and communication supplies and then, parallel to his work at GTSdata, as a lecturer at a university for several years. After completing her studies, Kerstin Fehlauer was previously employed for several years as an operations manager in a logistics company.

In addition, with Matthias Hilkmann as development manager, the modern team could be completed with a very experienced software developer in 2019.

This team, together with the decades of experience of our employees and the countless further developments from and for the precast concrete industry, stands with the PRIAMOS ERP system as a guarantor for an innovative and reliable continuous adaptation to all challenges that this industry may face in the future.

The team

The top maxim of our highly specialized team is:

Together with our customers to adapt the challenges in the precast industry to a visible and measurable advantage in our ERP system PRIAMOS 2020 for you.